New printing service is leading our customers into the future!

New offer! Your portrait picture taken with Photo Studio Balbriggan is going to be printed directly on your walls! On plaster, paper & woodchip, glass & plastic, concrete, brick & stone, wood, metal, blinds etc… – vertical large format printing technology of the future would be accessible to you!

WOW!!! Only with Photo Studio Balbriggan you can access this edge-cutting technology – We are introducing a new service NOW!!! From basic photo portrait session to high definition wall graphic or customized mural! 12 warranty for color in indoors! This is easy to clean, waterproof wall art printed from your photos.

Photography Workshop with Kasia

Friday 8th February was a big step on my professional work path. I under took to teach camera snappers on how they could improve their skills behind their lenses. This session was delivered by in my


second language English.

Throughout the session my audience were held captive and afterwards gave me rave reviews:

  • “Thanks Kasia for a very enjoyable and interesting evening”
  • “Great night Kasia thank you”
  • “thank you so much for tonight it was great”
  • “Well done on great workshop – your style of delivery is excellent, and being able to see the shots live is brilliant!! Plenty of notes taken, just need to use them now”
  • “Thanks for your time and expertise last night Kasia , very much appreciated “

We’re up in the ceiling – new studio equipment

Finally it is very nearly done! New equipment with rails for lights installed. All safe, properly fitted and installed by my amazing Landlord and his crew – Patrick Hickey Thank YOU!

After over 5 years of hard work, savings and tight budgets, my studio is getting into proper shape. I’m so, so close to my dream work place now… a few interior design changes ahead … and we’re done for good!

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