Newborn Photo Session – Newborn Safety Policy

Newborn safety is always the forefront of everything I do throughout every single session. I use precautions to identify any potential risks in order to avoid them.

When I’m working with those precious babies, I must consider not only their safety and how secure they feel throughout the session, I also have to consider how handling the baby makes you (parent) feel.

I want parents to feel confident and comfortable with the way that I am photographing their baby.

I handle each and single baby the same way I would expect someone to handle my baby – with the upmost respect.

This is a set of rules for my studio baby sessions:

  1. Never leave baby unattended
  2. Always support baby’s head and neck
  3. Photoshop is a safety tool
  4. Never force baby into a pose
  5. Always wear camera strap when shooting from above
  6. Never stand on anything above baby
  7. Always have a spotter when using props
  8. Avoid all fall risks
  9. Never use glass or breakable props
  10. Baby’s safety is always more important than “Getting the shot”

Those are the rules that I abide by, and that I require of anyone who works with me in handling newborn babies.

I talk to the parents about the baby’s birth and any issues that my have been occurred. I strongly advice that no babies be forced into pose and as such I will never force a pose for a baby, siblings or the parents.

Our studio is special, we care that you feel special as well